Types of Vehicles Allowed to use the Tunnel 

Transport Department has limited the approval to 'specified vehicles' only. Specified vehicles include residents' coaches, goods vehicles for goods delivery and servicing functions, Government vehicles.

Private cars, motor cycles, golf carts, passenger vans, cyclists and pedestrians are not allowed.

Duration of Stay at Discovery Bay of Specified Vehicles  
The first two hours stated in the application is free of charge and any overstaying will be charged at the following rates:

No vehicle is allowed to remain overnight. 

Authorized Area
Entry into Discovery Bay is limited to the areas specified in the application and no variation is permitted. In the event that a vehicle is detected in an unauthorised area, the vehicle may be wheel clamped and a fee of HK$320 will be charged for its release.  

Out of Gauge Vehicles and Vehicles with Abnormal Loads
Out of gauge vehicles and vehicles with abnormal loads are only permitted to drive on Discovery Bay Road and can only park at the Nim Shue Wan Service Area (Area 10B). Entry into any other area of Discovery Bay is strictly prohibited. An escort service will be provided to out of gauge vehicles and vehicles with abnormal loads at a service charge of HK$700 and is payable in cash at the Permit Collection Office upon departure.

Discovery Bay Commercial Tenant's Vehicles
Discovery Bay commercial tenant's vehicles do not need to obtain permit of entering into and departing from Discovery Bay. However, the commercial tenants are reminded that their vehicles must be specified vehicles and must obtain license from Transport Department for using all Hong Kong roads (not just Lantau Island private road).   

Arrangements of External Coach Service
There are three external routes - one to the Airport, one to Tung Chung and one to Sunny Bay.